Monday, August 17, 2015

Adopting 'Tirumalagiri' for Brilliant Villages Project

This tiny village of about 150 families is occupied by small and marginal farmers is located 1 Km from the Mandal headquarters of Atmakur Mandal, Warangal Dist., Telangana State.

The unique thing about this village is that in April, 2015, all villagers, led by women, have decided to voluntarily give up alcohol, smoking and tobacco/ghutka consumption in the village. All the villagers, led by their able Surpanch Sri Bura Sarangapani, are looking for ways to improve their quality of living and to increase their per capita income.

After discussing them about the problems they face, I have found that they are very positive and have full trust in the Govt.of Telangana and are sure that all their basic amenities will be fulfilled by the various schemes of State and Central Governments.

We have also found that Skill Development and Organic Farming have a huge scope in the village since most of the villagers are familiar with the concepts, but they haven't tried them yet.

We feel that if we can provide Risk Capital combined with regular and appropriate mentoring to the enthusiastic villagers, the changeover will not be very far.

Sri Bura Sarangapani (left) Sarpanch of the village with Sri RLK Prasad, a native of the village and my former colleague at LIC of India, Warangal, listening to the President of our NGO

Sri Karne Swamynarayana, President of Yogakshema Foundation - an Ex-
Serviceman and my former colleague at LIC of India, Warangal - explaining the opportunities available at Villages 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Zero to One - First village identified for makeover - Thirumalagiri, Atmakur Mdl., Warangal Dist., Telangana State

Situated at a distance of 23 Kms from Hanmakonda, Warangal District of Telangana State, India, this small, peaceful and beautiful village called Tirumalagiri is bestowed with people with determination and courage. Few months ago, all the villagers have given up:

  • Alcohol consumption in the village
  • Gambling
  • Taking loans at higher interest for crops

In addition to this, they have formed committees to monitor the activities and review them periodically.

We were very fortunate to have located this village for our ambitious project of entirely making over this village with the help of various Government Agencies and Retired Professionals ready and energetic to contribute their knowledge and expertise voluntarily.

The picture shown above is that of the Primary School of the village - Anganwadi Kendra - dilapidated and unfit for use. To build a new building for school along with a reading room will be our first priority.

Being a Sunday, we could interact with some of the villagers and kids.